Root Canal Therapy In Edmonton, AB

When you need gentle, attentive root canal therapy, choose Strathcona Dental Clinic, your choice for root canal therapy in South Edmonton!

At Strathcona Dental Clinic, we work with you to proactively combat tooth decay through regular check-ups, dental exams, and preventive teeth cleanings. Even still, deep cavities, tooth damage and other concerns can still strike, resulting inflammation that requires prompt treatment. To help you remove inflamed tissue from the tooth and restore your healthy smile, our dentists offer gentle root canal therapy. Your Strathcona dental team will be with you every step of the way to ensure your treatment is comfortable, effective and suited to your needs.

When is a Root Canal Necessary?

A root canal is necessary when the inside of the effected tooth is inflamed, and it is unlikely that the tooth will heal on its own. The inflammation may be caused by a dental cavity, oral trauma, or a deep filling. Signs and symptoms usually include a toothache, or severe sensitivity to cold.

A root canal will also be performed when the inside of the tooth dies and leads to a more serious condition like an infection or dental abscess. At these stages, tooth decay can affect your overall health, so it is vital to contact your Strathcona Dental Clinic team for treatment quickly. Root canal therapy is designed to help save the tooth and restore your healthy smile! For severe decay or infection, the only other alternative to a root canal is removing the tooth and replacing it with an implant or fixed bridge.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

Our dentists understand that many people experience anxiety or fear when it comes to procedures like root canals. Our Edmonton dentists will make your dental visit as anxiety and pain-free as possible, through safe sedation dentistry. While local anesthesia is typically enough for a pain-free experience, Dr. Wehbe is fully qualified to administer oral sedation if necessary. At Strathcona Dental Clinic, we want you to be as comfortable as possible, and we will go the extra mile to ensure your comfort.

The Root Canal Procedure

At Strathcona Dental Clinic, the root canal is a very precise yet simple process that is comprised of several steps:

  1. Administration of local anesthetic to the tooth
  2. Creating a hole in the tooth from which to remove the pulp and thoroughly clean and disinfect the root canal system
  3. Filling the cleaned canal, sealing it, and applying a filling to the tooth

After a successful root canal is performed, a dental crown is often needed to seal, strengthen and protect the affected tooth. Once the tooth's pulp is removed, the tooth loses its blood supply, so it dries up over time and becomes brittle and more susceptible to fracture; sealing the tooth with a dental crown will strengthen the tooth and allows it to handle the forces of daily mouth functions like chewing and biting down.

Should I Make a Root Canal Appointment?

If you are experiencing the following symptoms, contact us at Strathcona Dental Clinic. Our dental team will use the latest technologies to assess your affected tooth and determine if root canal therapy is right for you:

  • Swollen, tender gums
  • Tooth pain
  • Tooth sensitivitiy
  • Gum abscess
  • Pain when chewing or biting down

These signs can indicate that decay has reached the pulp of your tooth, resulting in infection or an abscess. Our team will assess the tooth and ensure you get the treatment you need as soon as possible!

Schedule Your Root Canal Therapy Today

At Strathcona Dental Clinic, we believe the treatment you need should never be uncomfortable or painful, root canal therapy included! If you need treatment for tooth pain, an oral infection, or dental abscess, contact us right away. Our dentists will offer comfortable, high-tech care to help you stop infection in its tracks. Contact us today to schedule your root canal consultation in South Edmonton!

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