Platelet Rich Fibrin Accelerated Healing

December 4, 2015

prf-treatment Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) treatment, a therapy created from your own blood, has been widely used in hospitals to help speed healing. Fairly recently, technology has made it possible for PRF to be used in dental clinics as well. Your Edmonton oral specialists at Strathcona Dental Clinic have adopted this procedure and made it available to help you heal faster and with less pain when you have extractions or oral surgery performed.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Explained

After an assessment, if it is determined you are a good candidate for PRF treatment, a small amount of your blood is taken and placed in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood and separates the plasma, white blood cells and fibrin from the red cells, concentrating them. These elements of your blood are responsible for accelerated healing and tissue regeneration and growth. When the mixture is applied to an open wound, such as the socket when a tooth is removed, the PRF stimulates stem cells to grow new tissue very quickly, thereby speeding your healing. Since the treatment is made up of your own blood, there is no risk of blood-borne disease.

Some of the added benefits to PRF include:

Lower risk of infection since your dentist will secure the PRF to the wound left by your procedure. This seals the wound and helps prevent contaminants from causing infection.

Faster healing due to the growth factors in the platelet rich fibrin. Faster healing helps prevent infection and increases your comfort level.

Convenient and safe since your own blood is used to create your treatment.

How PRF is Used

Once your blood is removed from the centrifuge, your dentist will apply a high concentration of the PRF to the area affected by your procedure. The treatment effectively creates a seal over the wound and absorption begins immediately.

Many patients are able to report a much higher level of comfort right after their procedures than patients who forgo PRF.

If you have an oral procedure coming up and want to see if you are a candidate for platelet rich fibrin treatment, your Strathcona Dental Clinic team in Edmonton encourages you to contact us for a consultation. We would like to offer you the best in faster healing and higher comfort.