Keeping Your Teeth And Gums Healthy During Pregnancy

May 9, 2016

During pregnancy, changes in your body come with the territory. Some changes, such as a growing tummy, are obvious. But pregnancy can affect parts of your body you may not have thought about, such as your teeth and gums.

In addition to doctor visits, shopping for maternity clothes and decorating your baby’s nursery, don’t forget to put a trip to the dentist on your to­do list. What’s sometimes misunderstood is the importance of good dental health during pregnancy. Some women develop dental problems while they are pregnant, and dental disease can affect your developing baby.

If you are pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant soon, it’s a good time to make an appointment at our Edmonton dental clinic. Although not all women develop dental issues during pregnancy, you may be more susceptible to problems. Pregnancy hormones, which cause a lot of the changes your body goes through, also may affect how you respond to plague. During pregnancy, the rise in progesterone may increase your risk of gum disease. But gum disease doesn’t just affect you. Studies have indicated a link between gum disease and premature birth.

Other tooth and gum problems can also develop when you’re pregnant. For example, if you experience morning sickness, the increase in acid can damage your teeth. Some women also develop sensitive teeth. When you’re pregnant, blood flow increases throughout your body. That’s because your body works overtime to support your developing baby. The increase in blood flow is good news for your little one, but it may mean swollen and sensitive gums for you. The good news is dental problems in pregnancy can often be prevented and treated.

During pregnancy, you have enough on your mind. At Strathcona Dental Clinic, we pride ourselves on anxiety­ free dentistry. Whether you need a
routine checkup and cleaning or are experiencing dental problems, our Edmonton dental clinic will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy during pregnancy.

Many dental procedures are considered safe during pregnancy. In fact, routine exams along with treating gum disease, cavities and even root canals are usually not only considered safe but are recommended for most women.

Dr. Abdul Wehbe and Dr. Barry Bergh are happy to explain any procedures you may need and discuss the risks. Our team at Strathcona Dental Clinic can also provide tips for dealing with pregnancy related sore gums and suggestions to keep your mouth healthy.

Whether you’re planning on becoming pregnant or already are expecting, contact Strathcona Dental Clinic, Edmonton at (780) 433­ 1154 to schedule an exam. Or request an appointment online at