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Dental Bridges, Dental Implants & Dentures at Our South Edmonton Dental Clinic

Are you looking for Dental Implants in Edmonton? Sometimes it becomes necessary to replace one or more teeth due to injury, decay or defect. Although your oral health team at Strathcona Dental Clinic in South Edmonton will do all we can to help preserve your natural teeth if you require replacements we have a variety of solutions depending on your needs.

Dental Implants | South Edmonton Dentist

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges | South Edmonton Dentist

Dental bridges are a durable, permanent solution to replace a missing tooth or even several teeth. As the name suggests, a bridge of replacement teeth is made to fill any spaces from those you are missing, and the device is secured to existing natural teeth, dental crowns or implants, on each end of the gap. There are many types of bridges available, and your dentist from Strathcona Dental will consult with you to determine your best match.

Dental Implants | South Edmonton Dentist

The loss of natural teeth can make eating and chewing difficult or painful and can cause self-esteem issues that cause you to hide your smile. Dental implants are a permanent solution that looks and feels like your natural teeth, correcting issues with your bite and letting you have your natural smile back.

Made from porcelain and titanium, an implant is composed of a crown that is made to look like the rest of your teeth and the body, which is anchored into your jawbone to hold the implant in place. While implants can replace a single tooth, they are also used in bridges and for anchoring dentures, so they do not move freely.

Dr. Devon Laatsch has recently introduced the use of the X-guide 3D navigation system which allows for simplified and accurate implant placement. The X-guide delivers interactive, turn-by-turn guidance that improves the precision and accuracy of implant position, angle and depth.

Full or Partial Dentures

Dentures | South Edmonton Dentist

Serious oral health conditions may lead to replacing some or all of your natural teeth. If all of your teeth must be replaced, full dentures may be the best solution. Since this can be a big decision, we prefer to meet with you to discuss available options to ensure dentures are the right choice.

Partial dentures are designed to replace several missing teeth and are similar to a bridge only they are removable. The replacement teeth are attached to a metal frame and connect to your natural teeth.

Your Strathcona Dental Clinic team in Edmonton understands that having to replace teeth is a big decision. We invite you to contact us so we can do a thorough checkup/exam and help you choose the option that will restore your urge to show off your smile.

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**If you’re nervous about going to the dentist—new ways of doing things have made modern dentistry more comfortable for patients, and talking to your dentist may reassure you and help you feel more relaxed. Ask us about Sedation Dentistry.

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