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Dental Check Ups and Dental X-Rays at Our South Edmonton Dental Clinic

Are you looking for Dental Check Ups in Edmonton? Poor oral health not only leads to gum disease and tooth decay (such as cavities), it can also increase the risk of systemic conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Prevention is the best way to maintain proper oral health, which means proper oral hygiene and a regular comprehensive dental exam. By maintaining a regular check-up schedule, issues that arise with your teeth and gums can be addressed promptly to maintain proper oral health and avoid further complications.

Dental Check Ups | South Edmonton Dentist

The Importance of your Regular Dental Check up and Dental Exam

Your dentist at Strathcona Dental Clinic will perform a comprehensive exam at your first visit to establish a baseline for your oral health. At your regular check up / exam, your hygienist and dentist will complete the following to maximize your care:

  • Radiography: X-rays will be taken and examined for diagnostic purposes. Radiographs are critical to
    detect tooth decay,
    tumours, cysts, bone loss and to show
    placement of teeth and their root positions.
  • Oral cancer screening: Examination includes checking all areas of your face and neck, including tongue, throat,
    tissues and gums for any signs of tissue or lymph node changes.
  • Periodontal disease evaluation: Your gums and the bone around your teeth will be examined for signs of gum disease.
  • Tooth decay detection: Through the use of specialized dental instruments, the surfaces of all your teeth will be examined for tooth decay and cavities.
  • Examination of dental restorations: Any previous dental work, procedures or treatment you have had done will be checked to ensure it remains viable.

Your Dental Health History and your Dental Check Up

Since your oral health is tied to your overall health, it is essential that your dentist
be kept up to date regarding your medical condition. Being apprised of your medical issues will help your dentist make the most effective choices to help you maintain optimum oral health care. Some situations that are very important include:

  • New medical conditions that have arisen since your last check-up.
  • New medications you have been prescribed.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Allergies.
  • Any changes to your mouth, including tooth sensitivity, looseness, or bleeding gums.
  • Muscle tension in your neck or jaws possibly due to clenching or grinding your teeth.
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**Visiting the dentist can make people nervous. Ask us about the newest technologies available to make your dental exam easy and comfortable through Sedation Dentistry. If you aren’t currently getting regular check-ups, Strathcona Dental Clinic in South Edmonton would like to invite you to call or contact us today.

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