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Teeth Whitening at Our South Edmonton Dental Clinic

Are you looking for teeth whitening in Edmonton? One of the most common cosmetic procedures to improve the look of your teeth is through teeth whitening. By lightening and whitening your teeth, you will not only have a nicer smile, but you will also look more youthful since teeth darken as you age. The dental team at Strathcona Dental Clinic in South Edmonton can help you gain a brighter smile through regular whitening treatments.


Aging Affects the Colour of Your Teeth

Throughout the aging process, the dentin darkens and the enamel of your teeth thins due to wear, making the dentin colour more visible. As the outer layer of your teeth, your enamel composition is largely hereditary. The thickness and smoothness of the surface of your teeth are determined by your genes. Since the colour of your teeth is created by light reflecting off the enamel layer, the smoother and thicker the enamel, the whiter your teeth will appear. By removing any staining that has occurred over time, you can still have a whiter smile as you age.

How Whitening Helps

Teeth whitening works best on surface stains also called extrinsic stains, that form on your teeth and discolours them. If you have a significant amount of this type of staining, you will see great improvement through your whitening treatments. Some of the factors that increase extrinsic stains include:

  • Using tobacco products
  • Dark liquid intakes such as coffee, tea, cola, and red wine
  • Insufficient brushing technique

Custom-Made Take-Home Whitening Kits

When you book your appointment with your Strathcona Dental team for tooth whitening, you will first come in for impressions to be made for your upper and lower teeth. Using your impressions, we will make custom whitening trays that are designed to fit your teeth perfectly so the whitening agent remains in contact with your teeth during your treatment.

Once you are home, you will simply fill the whitening trays with the gel provided by your dentist and insert the trays over your teeth. You will have to wear the trays for 30 minutes for each treatment. Depending on the severity of your staining, you will achieve your desired whitening in one to two weeks. In the most serious cases, it may take an extra week or two until the maximum whitening is reached.


Are you ready to show off a whiter, brighter, more youthful looking smile? Contact your dental specialists at Strathcona Dental Clinic in Edmonton today to get started.

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**If you’re nervous about going to the dentist—new ways of doing things have made modern general dentistry more comfortable for patients, and talking to your dentist may reassure you and help you feel more relaxed. Ask us about Sedation Dentistry.

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