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Teeth Bonding at Edmonton’s Strathcona Dental Clinic

Are you looking for Teeth Bonding in Edmonton? A natural-looking and bright smile with teeth that are properly aligned is a fabulous asset that if you were not blessed to have in your genes, you can achieve through dental bonding. Your oral health team at Strathcona Dental Clinic in South Edmonton can help you achieve your ideal new smile in most cases.

Teeth Bonding in Edmonton | South Edmonton Dentist

Teeth Bonding Uses

Dental, or teeth bonding is the application of composite resin that is colour-matched to your natural teeth and designed to improve their appearance. This safe and easy procedure serves cosmetic and restorative needs such as:

  • Reshaping teeth or correcting the look of the alignment
  • Closing gaps between your teeth
  • Repairing chipped or broken teeth
  • Colour restoration for stained teeth
  • Replacement for amalgam or metal fillings and fillings for front teeth especially
  • An effective alternative to costly veneers

The Procedure for Dental Bonding

  • Colour selection: your dentist will use a shade guide to determine the closest composite resin colour to your natural teeth.
  • Light etching of your teeth will be performed and they will be coated with a liquid that increases the grip of the resin.
  • Once the liquid has set, your dentist will apply the teeth bonding resin to each tooth being worked on and a blue curing light will be applied to set the compound.
  • As soon as the compound has set, your tooth or teeth will be sculpted into perfect shape.
  • After hardening fully, fine-tuning to create the finished shape the work will be smoothed and polished so it looks natural.

Teeth bonding is a non-invasive procedure and can usually be accomplished in one visit. We invite you to contact your oral health experts at Strathcona Dental Clinic in Edmonton to learn more about how dental bonding can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Your dentist will perform a check-up/exam and let you know if teeth bonding is the best solution for your situation.


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**If you’re nervous about going to the dentist—new ways of doing things have made modern dentistry more comfortable for patients, and talking to your dentist may reassure you and help you feel more relaxed. Ask us about Sedation Dentistry.

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